Children’s Powdered Vitamins and Supplements

children's powdered vitamins and supplements

  I received this product for free from Moms meet( May media GroupLLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own. Do you ever have trouble getting your kids to take vitamins or supplements that […]

Stylish Sustainable Clothing that is Comfy too!

stylish sustainable clothing

Do you like to wear comfortable clothing that is good for the environment? I was given this outfit by prAna for my honest review. PrAna makes stylish sustainable clothing that is comfy too! When I look for clothes I look for materials like organic cotton and recycled materials. PrAna’s clothing line is primarily for active people who are […]

Cooling Peppermint Foot Spray

cooling peppermint foot spray

I’m sure a lot of us are on our feet a lot during the day. I find cooling peppermint foot spray to be very beneficial. My feet tend to be sore all day long even if I’m not on them much. When I’m dealing with exhaustion they tend to hurt a lot more, especially when […]

Simple Steps to Eating Healthy {And So Much More!}


I have been trying to take simple steps to eating healthy like eating more green leafy vegetables.  I figure the more healthy eating decisions I make the better. Instead of eating a sandwich with bread I’ve been adding my turkey to a salad instead. It did not help that my husband brought home a bag […]

Want Help Living Healthier? Learn About The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

want to live healthier

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Do you want help living healthier? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed at all the advice out there? Living with a chronic illness makes healthy living even more important, but sometimes you just don’t have the energy, money or knowledge that you need.  You know eating whole […]