Three Easy Christmas Handmade Ornaments

I am always looking for new and simple ways to add a personalized touch to my Christmas decor.  I came up with three easy Christmas handmade ornaments to make that are simple and personalized.

This one is super easy.  Just purchase a large plastic, clear ornament.  Fill it with curled ribbon.  Take a paint marker and draw a few designs on it.  That’s it!

For this ornament you need a small clear plastic ornament, artificial greenery and  holly berries.  Carefully insert the berries and greenery.

Take a plain Styrofoam ornament and use glitter spray to cover it.  You could also roll it it in glue and sprinkle it with glitter.  The coverage might not be as even though.  Hot glue a loop of gold string at the top.

I also have another fairly easy ornament over at  One Tough Mother.  What easy Christmas handmade ornaments have you made?


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    These are cute! They would be so fun for parents to make with their kids. (My daughter made one of those glitter ornaments years ago, and it’s such a sweet memory on our tree.)

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    We’ve filled those clean bulbs with paint and let the kids shake and turn them gently until the inside is coated. I go for a two color max inside or they all end up kinda brownish-purple.