Hope for Difficult Times {#You’re Going to Be Okay Book Review}

Are you feeling tired, worried, worn out, discouraged or any number of emotions?  If so you need to grab a cup of coffee and a copy of Holley Gerth’s new book, “You’re Going to Be Okay”. In the book she addresses all of these and so much more.  In the first chapter she explains that these are just descriptions of how we are feeling, they do not describe who we are at our core.  So if none of those descriptions are your identity who are you really?  Holley reminds us that we are a loved daughter of God.  I love this quote from her book, “God doesn’t promise a problem free existence . Instead he offers unconditional love as a shelter for us even on the most difficult days.”  You have a purpose even when you feel like you are too tired or inadequate. I posted on a similar topic over at Fibro, Fit and Fab.

Chapter two is titled “You’re Stronger Than You Know.”  I need to be reminded of this daily.  God has seen me through so many things and sometimes it’s easy to forget.   Holley states, “… God  will give us  the strength we need to accomplish his purpose in our lives regardless of the circumstances.”  Nothing can get in the way of his ultimate plan. This gives me great comfort and encouragement. Holley lists several strengths that you may have displayed in a difficult situation. She goes on to say when times get tough we are designed to reach out for help.  Many times this is the very thing that we forget to do because we don’t want to bother anyone or appear weak. When you’re struggling with a chronic illness there are many times we may need help. We don’t want to wear our loved ones or friends out. I still struggle with these very issues. But it’s imperative that we look to our  look to our support systems.  Holley lists some of these support systems which include people, education, experiences, and God of course.  Learn to use these things when you need support.

In chapter three, “Your Mind is a Powerful Gift” she talks a lot about the brain and how it works. Your mind is a powerful gift that can do amazing things.  Holley teaches us how to change our perspective and our responses.  Our brain is capable of learning new thought patterns.  This is what Paul talks about when he says, Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”    I am forty-five years old and it amazes me that even at this age I would be capable of changing my thought patterns. This gives me hope.

“Your Heart is Worth Guarding” discusses guarding our hearts. What is stored in your heart? Proverbs states,Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (Proverbs 4:23)  I think this is something that we forget sometimes.  Holley says some things we can do to guard our hearts are keeping out anything evil, expressing and feeling our emotions appropriately, identifying  our feelings , knowing what you need, and making a plan.  We aren’t meant to just let any old thing in.  I like to think of my heart as a castle with a gate around it.  You are in charge of what you let in.

The next chapter is called “You Can Keep from Sabotaging Yourself.”  We sabotage ourselves in so many ways.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemy!  When we’re stressed we look for anything to ease the pain. A lot of these ways are not healthy.  Holley teaches us how to deal with stress in a productive way.  She says guilt, expectations we put on ourselves,  not taking  care of ourselves and insecurities can really hinder our God given purpose.  We can learn not to get in the way of God’s plans for us.

In the chapter, “You’re Made for a Promised Land” Holley reminds us that our story begins in a perfect garden and ends with a new heaven and earth.  He wants us to live life to the full.  Even though we are called to suffer at times, we were not created to stay in those dark places. Many of us think that we shouldn’t strive for happiness.  Of course this should never be our ultimate goal, but God is not against happiness.  He longs to bless us and give us an abundant life. I am not necessarily talking about material blessings. Our blessings may look different for each one of us. We have to make the choice every day to choose happiness.

In chapter seven, “You’ll Remember These Words” Holley explores the things our hearts tend to forget.  Things like your secret struggles don’t disqualify you, your sensitivity can be a strength, and your made to rest, and you have something to offer.  We need to remind ourselves of these truths when we are feeling discouraged.

“You Can Make the Most of Change” is the title of  the next chapter.  Change.  This is a word that most of us don’t like, but  change can be an invitation to trust Him. What I liked most about this chapter is that it discussed ways to deal with change it that made it a little less scary.  Holley suggests we need to define change, take charge of it, and know what’s under our control by setting boundaries. If we do these things we can lessen the fear of the unknown and trust God with our future.

“You’re Future is Full of Hope”. What a great title. I love the word Hope.  That is actually my daughter’s name.  This chapter deals with worry and fear and how we can overcome them. Worry is something I’ve struggled with on and off my whole life. Holley encourages us to replace them with a different thought. We can start doing this by replacing the worry with the exact opposite scenario. You will learn how to stop worrying and start believing, learn to trust, and learn creative ways to retrain your brain.

“You Really Are Going to Be Okay” That’s such great news! The last chapter talks about resilience and attitude. How can we be more resilient?  Holly instructs us to choose our attitude, stay in our strengths, change and grow, and redefine success. Success really boils down to bringing God joy. We bring God joy when we love.  Wherever you are and whatever circumstances you happen to be facing learn to love right where you are. Holley ends with “You are a woman who’s loved.  You are a woman who brings joy. You are a woman who’s going to be okay.”  What could be better news than that?

If you go to Holleygerth.com you can download a free study guide to go along with the book.

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    This sounds like a very worthwhile read, especially for someone dealing with a chronic illness. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and enjoy reading books that help inspire me to endure this difficult disease. Thanks for sharing with #throwbackthursdaylinkup!