An Easy Way to keep Track of Your Medications

Do you need an easy way to keep track of your medications?  I know it’s hard for me to keep track of the medications that I’ve started and stopped.  When new doctors ask me what medications I’ve already been on that haven’t worked it’s hard for me to remember.  I also needed a way to keep track of why they didn’t work.

I came up with an easy way to keep track of your medications.  There is space to record dosage, time, how well it’s working, prescribing doctor, and side effects. If I have a way to keep track of my side effects I’ll be able to know why a medicine did or didn’t work.

I  keep my medicine tracker in my health binder for easy access. I like that I now have a way to keep track of all my medicine.  It is important that you don’t have any adverse reactions from combining medicines. If you keep track of every medicine you’re on it makes it easier to keep track.

If you sign up  for my newsletter you can get a free med tracker to help you stay organized.  I am excited of all the things coming up on the blog.  I will have many more helpful and encouraging posts. I can’t wait to get to know you better.


med tracker

My Meds tracker


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