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How would you like to improve your health from your own home? I know living with a chronic illness can take it’s toll on our energy and our wallets. I’m always looking for inexpensive and easy ways to improve my health. I feel that any little bit of a lifestyle change or habits can have a positive effect on our health. It may not cure us, but it can help.

I have just recently started using essential oils.  I’ve only hit the basics so far though.  I use lavender on my pillow at night to help me relax and sleep better.  I just put a few drops on a tissue and slip it in my pillow case. The minute I take a whiff i start to relax. I use peppermint oil when I am feeling exceptionally tired. It doesn’t take away the exhaustion, but it does help me be a little bit more alert. I can’t wait to read more information in the e-book Essentials of Essential Oils.

Grocery shopping and meal preparation is another thing I am trying to improve. I know everyone doesn’t like to use coupons.  They can be time consuming and a pain to organize. I do use coupons on occasion, and lately I’ve been using them on my phone. How would you like to learn to eat healthy for less without using coupons? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? An e-course called Grocery Savings Made Simple is part of this bundle. It will help you come up with a grocery saving system just for you. You will also receive support from the creator Shannon herself. I know I could use help in this area.

I know it’s hard to stay fit when dealing with an illness. Sometimes it hard just getting out of bed! This bundle offers several fitness books for different levels.  It also offers an at home yoga program called Stay at Home Yoga. It will show you how to simple yoga in our own homes. It’s convenient when you can improve your health from your own home. It will even teach you stretches to do while doing dishes and even while in traffic!

I know there is a lot of information in this bundle and some of it may not pertain to you, but there is such a vast wealth of healthy information that I’m sure you can use. Below is just a sampling of what you will receive. If you would like to purchase please click the graphic above to learn more.


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